Bulk SMS

A web-based Bulk SMS Service brings together the speed of the internet and the ubiquity of the mobile phone to offer an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for organizations. The Bulk SMS solution enables business communication over the mobile, creates new customer touch points for company and client communication and provides a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time.
At B2BSMS offer you various types Bulk SMS plans. You can select the plan which is suitable for your business or your need. B2BSMS is the cheap and best bulk SMS and Bulk SMS Gateway provider for Marketing, Stock brokers and Web integration from India, Indore.

More and more small and medium sized companies are using Bulk SMS to communicate with there clients and to reach new potential customers. B2BSMS.co.in offer's you Bulk SMS Services with some Features:-

Over a period of time, we have developed and delivered a range of services that enhances SMS communication in specific industries - from patient appointment reminders in the healthcare industry, to SMS broadcasts for stock brokers. Bulk Text SMS in India facility by B2BSMS offers a huge range of benefits based on clients' business requirement.

- Economical & fast delivery
- Direct connectivity with operators
- Support multiple languages
- Personalized SMS in bulk
- Follow Global Security Standards
- Promotional & transactional SMS
- Time saving connectivity

B2BSMS experts have also identified that simple SMS messages can do wonders in India, if used strategically and when it comes to product or service promotion then this medium would be a perfect choice. Bulk SMS gateways have been taking the rage in the field of marketing technology & B2BSMS is carrying it out absolutely. From increasing sales to brand exposure, for the generation of new revenue sources for your business, for reminders or to provide a mass alert B2BSMS is there to accomplish it all!

With the help of Bulk text SMS in India, any company can issue immediate alerts to their employee about emergencies and critical situations, Retailers can send Text SMS messages to their opt-in subscribers, to specialized information, such as stock price alerts. With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing in India for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your store.

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